ジャマイカ スタンディング・スプリング・プランテーション

ジャマイカ スタンディング・スプリング・プランテーション


"Standing Spring Plantation",Medien Mischerei 2018年9月22日.

スタンディング・スプリング・プランテーション(Standing Spring Plantation)は、ジャマイカ(Jamaica)サリー郡(Surrey County)セント・トーマス教区(St Thomas Parish)シーダー・バレー(Cedar Valley)ネス・キャッスル(Ness Castle)に位置する農園です。コーヒー生産地域としては、ブルーマウンテン・エリア(Blue Mountain Area)に区分されます。

農園主はプリンス・スミス(Prince Smith)です。

プリンスの母親の曾祖父は、1790年代にモイ・ホール・エステート(Moy Hall Estate)を設立したウィリアム・マクーティー(William McCooty)です。彼は現在モイ・ホール・エステート・コーヒーを所有するフレッチャー家(Fletcher Family)と、土地の所有権を巡って争っています。




Prince Smith, who lives and farmed on lands which are formerly part of the Moy Hall Estate in St Thomans, lost his 10-acre farm to land surveyor Courtney Fletcher, who took Smith to court as a trespasser, indicating that he possessed a title to acreage inclusive of the coffee farm.

Jamaicans who have been supporting him have touted a possible claim for compensation hinged on the fact that Smith had leased his acreage through a farmer's co-operative and had coffee plants valued at over $2 million on about seven acres. Prince possesses a lease document from a cooperative which once controlled the acreage.

Additionally, he and his family have lived on the land in Moy Hall for more than 200 years. Standing Spring Coffee Plantation, known as the Moy Hall Estate, was established in the 1790s by William McCooty. Smith said his mother had the last name of the original owner.

"'It's outside my jurisdiction'",Jamaica Observer 2022年3月1日.




GoFundMeに掲載された彼の話によると、プリンスはジャマイカ・セント・トーマス西部のシーダーバレー地域にある小さなコミュニティ、ネス・キャッスルで農業を始めたという。この地域は、ブルーマウンテンの中心にある標高3,000ft - 5,000ftに農地が広がっている。




Prince Smith told the Business Observer, “McCooty is my mother's great-grandfather. What I have is a lease agreement for the cooperative, received in 2005. I am 50 years old now. About 52 of us as farmers were given lots by the Moy Hall Coffee Cooperative.”

Smith said he is uncertain of what the outcome will be, but he intends to continue the struggle which has been ongoing for the last five years.

His story on GoFundMe states that Prince started his farm in Ness Castle, a small community in the Cedar Valley region of western St Thomas, Jamaica. The area has farmlands extending from 3000-5000 feet above sea level in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

He began by planting 875 new trees and today he has established over 18,000 fully grown coffee trees, all twenty years and younger. Each acre has approximately 875 coffee trees.

The story said, “Standing Spring Coffee Plantation employs 5 persons full-time, all year round, to take care of the trees and to ensure that each tree is given the love, attention and care that it needs. When the crop season is in, between September and the end of June every year, 10 to 15 persons are employed for reaping the cherry berries.”

Prince Smith appealed, “I am in desperate need of help with legal fees to defend my coffee farm …land that I have worked my entire life to develop and which has been in my family for generations.”

"Coffee farmer goes to court to defend land ownership",Jamaica Observer 2021年12月5日.